Preston's College - Rules and Guidance

a) The College is maintaining the 2m distancing rules where possible and a minimum of 1 metre plus where it is not.

b) A one-way system is in place in all buildings and must be adhered to.

c) The NHS test centre is still operational on the main St. Vincent's Rd car park so all students, customers and staff must use the Sharoe Green Lane car park.

d) Cleaning of touch areas will be significantly increased such as desks, door push plates and door handles, computer keyboards, phones, sports equipment etc. Plus hand sanitiser stations are located throughout the buildings.

e) Certain fitness suite equipment may be out of order to maintain distancing rules and all equipment must be wiped down by members before and after use.

f) All customers must arrive ready for their session to minimise contact in changing room areas and showers will be out of use.

g) Equipment such as rackets and shuttlecocks cannot be borrowed from the centre so all equipment used must be your own and must not be swapped between players during the booking.

h) Please avoid crowding around our reception area. With this in mind, some bookings may be staggered to allow for safe access through to the indoor facilities.

i) Please do not attend or come onto site if you have symptoms of coronavirus and self-isolate in line with government guidelines. Also try to avoid public transport where possible.

If you have any questions, please contact me or Preston's College.

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